Role Playing Game of Ur

Another of my itch io releases that I am adapting for the blog. It was originally inspired by this video with Tom Scott. After watching it, I’ve written an interpretation of the rules that adds some worldbuilding elements to the game.

To play you will need:

  • 2 players.
  • 4 six-sided dice.
  • 7 tokens for each player, preferably distinct colours.
  • A Flower Bridge board.

Download the printable board here rpg-of-ur.pdf. You can also play online quite easily using an online whiteboard, google slides, or playingcards dot io.

You play as 2 royals, locked in a battle over the Flower Bridge, with 7 of their bravest knights represented by tokens. The goal is to transfer all of your tokens from start to the other side of the bridge, off the board.

Taking a Turn

  1. Roll the 4 six-sided dice. The ones that land on a 4-6 give you 1 move each. Others give you no moves.
  2. Add all of your moves and spend all of them to move 1 of your tokens across the board as shown. 1 square/tile per move. You cannot divide your moves between tokens.

  1. If your token lands on a flower, answer and cross out 1 of your flower questions, roll your dice and move a token again.

If your token lands on your opponent’s token, your opponent removes their token from the board, returning it to the start. They also answer and cross out a war question. You cannot land on your opponent’s token if it is on a flower tile.

  1. If you do not have any more flower questions, the game is over in a draw. The bridge is forever lost to nature. If your opponent has no more war questions, the game is over and they must retreat.

  2. To move a token off the board, you must have the exact amount of moves, no more, no less. Ex: to jump off the board from the last flower, you need exactly 1 move. If you move all 7 tokens off the board from the other side, you succeed in holding the bridge and win the game.

  3. Pass the turn to your opponent.

Questions to the First Royal

Flower questions:

  • What was your first experience with raw forces of nature?
  • You are afraid to go into the forest. Because of what event?
  • What do you hear at night in the rustling of the tree leaves?
  • Your mother used to give you flowers. Do you know why?
  • You carry a plant, name it. Mark any square to become a Flower.
  • What is the well known myth surrounding Flower Bridge?
  • The flower market is booming. Healing powers? Magic?

Connect each others tales and expand on the questions.

War questions:

  • You saw this bridge when you were a kid. Did it change?
  • Is there anyone waiting for you at home? Why leave?
  • You knew your opponent before battle. How did you meet?
  • How do you spend time with your knights during peace?
  • Was there a knight who refused to battle? How did you react?
  • How did you lie to your opponent? Return any token to square one.
  • What do you want to gain from the Flower Bridge?

Questions to the Second Royal

Flower questions:

  • You will never forget your first camping trip. Why?
  • There is a tree in your kingdom. Why do people pray to it?
  • What was your land before you built an estate there?
  • Love with a gardener? You? Mark any square to become a Flower.
  • You got visited by the most beautiful deer. What did you do?
  • The ritual requires you to put soil on your face. For what?
  • You lost an heirloom to the forest. How and what was it?

Connect each others tales and expand on the questions.

War questions:

  • Your estate was attacked once before. Who would dare?
  • What do your knights do when they are not at war?
  • You were close with a knight once. Why did you brake up?
  • A clever trap. Who thought of it? Return any token to square one.
  • The war has been long. What do you miss about peace?
  • What does the Flower Bridge connect? Was it like this always?
  • What are you planning to do if you lose? Return home?