Beside Peripheral Bodies

A surreal system agnostic mission for cyberpunk games.


An anonymous account hired you to find and bring True Horatio to a location beyond City outskirts. You find tickets for a special appearance of Horatio at their secure facility - Thousand Closed Environment. Dress for a party. You will be searched.

Mission: extract the True Horatio from their secret facility.

Pay: 1.000.000 e-credits. Enough to get the fuck out of this hell hole.

Side missions: complete these for extra challenge and rewards.

  • Clean job: don’t go above heat 3. +500.000EC.
  • Kill H. Fjord: a bounty was placed on the head of the infamous CEO. +750.000EC.
  • Free Horatio: you receive a counter offer to set True Horatio loose. x2 original payment.

Heat: use a d6 to track Heat (how suspicious you are to the facility staff). Start at one and add 1 if the PCs break the space norms or act in incriminating matter. When you reach 6 Heat, the PCs are caught.

Heat situation: 1-3: suspicious guests, 4-5: Broken Ghosts will seek out intruders, 6: facility on maximum alert.

Zones: the facility is divided into various parts that require different approaches. PCs must follow the space’s norms or they risk gaining Heat.

  • Public space: space is minimally controlled, no Heat gain unless checked (+1).
  • Professional space: wear a certain uniform, follow hierarchy and perform required actions or gain +2 Heat.
  • Private space: be a certain individual or gain +3 Heat

Thousand Closed Environment

The Closed Environment is a brutalist palace, lit by neon. For the first time, Horatio opens their doors to the public.

1. the Gate

Public - All

PCs arrive at 10pm.

Golden rods reach to the sky. Electric current runs through the bars. A bouncer (Sophia, intimidation, punch attack, cyber muscles) checks passing by guests. PCs have 1-in-6 chance to sneak in prohibited items (weapons, military grade cybermods, drinks).

2. the Wardrobe

Public - Guests

Tiny compartment. Clerk with metallic TruVis glasses (Charley, street info, organisation) asks if you want to deposit anything. They remember every person that passes, for a price can tell some rumours about them:

  1. H. Fjord (CEO Fjord Inc.) has been seen with a mysterious suitcase labelled Horatio Corp.
  2. Jessica Oceans (Student, activist) aims to confront Cardo about Cloudsky’s policies.
  3. Forest Cooper (Detective) was heard interrogating staff about a disappeared cook.
  4. River OMG (Pop star) is here to kill her rival - Horatio lead singer.
  5. Cardo Mount (CFO Cloudsky Ltd.) had plans to intercept Fjord’s transaction.
  6. Dennis Fields (Journalist) wants to be the first to expose Horatio’s crimes.

3. Dance Hall

Public - Guests

Loud Funk-Techno-Jazz music. Strobing pink, green, blue lights through a subtle fog. Crowd, dense, having a good time. d4 Broken Ghosts patrolling the exits, 2 Broken Ghosts next to the stage. 2-in-6 chance to quickly locate a guest.

VIP Lounge is hidden behind green curtains. The Kitchen is behind the bar.

Party escalation: 11pm - a Broken Ghost starts scanning the crowd. 12am - Horatio announcer comes on stage saying that the Horatio performance will be delayed, a drunk guest punches the announcer. 1am - Broken Ghosts aggressively push the public out, there is some confrontation.

4. Lounge

Public - VIP guests, Servers

Darkened room except lights above tables. Sound proofed. VIPs discussing affairs in comfortable booths. H. Fjord (money, exploitation, deceiving) on the farthest corner table, negotiating with one of the Horatios. At 11pm this Horatio will be served a cake and fall over unconscious and soon dead. Fjord will search the body and leave with two bodyguards.

5. Kitchen

Professional - Chef, Cooks, Servers

Eerily quiet, except the precise sound of cutting boards and steaming ingredients. Food is placed on conveyor belts, then picked up by the servers just in time. Dishes always have a 3D element to them: towers, spirals, spheres, cubes. Chef (Kacey Hills, cooking, sleight of hand) is preparing a perfect cake (poisoned) that is to be delivered to Horatio in the lounge.

At 11.30 pm a Broken Ghost will enter through the backdoor, taking the chef to the Ghost Station. The kitchen staff panic but comply.

6. Stage

Professional - Musicians, Sound Engineers, Horatio

Supersynths, drums and saxophones. Bright spotlights. Staff checking equipment between performances. A powerful sound system.

Line up: Horatio, Callisto Ice Miners, John Pond, The Noise Wavelength.

Door in the backstage leads to Horatio Quarters.

7. Horatio Quarters

Private - Horatio

Mirror walls, high ceiling. Green and purple plants in the corners. A piano, antique chairs, wooden chess set. d10 Horatio (beauty, performance, biology) clones talking between each other.

After 11pm all the doors are locked and d4 Broken Ghosts are guarding the Horatios. The wall mirrors are hidden behind curtains.

8. Ghost Station

Professional - Broken Ghosts

Dark room only illuminated by computer panels. d6 Broken Ghosts on duty. Rows of servers (if checked, they will be running hologram calculations). Hacking one of the servers is a moderate challenge, will allow control over holographic tech in rooms 6, 7, 8.

After 11.30pm the chef can be found here, in a glass cell. They act in a calm manner. If PCs prove to be friends, chef will explain how the Horatios have recruited Kacey’s father (as a cook) and then executed him. Chef will kindly ask not to meddle with their revenge plans (they will not reveal that Fjord gave them this opportunity).

9. Cloning Chambers

Private - Horatio

Wide cylindrical silo stretches infinitely into the ground, a staircase spirals down. Thousands of Horatios are asleep in various stages of ageing. A low hum of ventilators down below can be heard.

A narrow metallic bridge leads to the centre of the silo, where the True Horatio capsule is suspended on tubes and chains.

10. True Horatio Capsule

Private - Horatio

Capsule with various tubes connected to it. Filled with transparent liquid in which True Horatio floats. Takes one person to roll the capsule, but two to carry it.

At 1am cheff will be throwing the capsule into the abyss.

Broken Ghosts

Brutal mercenaries, corrupted by the Horatio’s mirrors. They use tech to seemingly disappear and reappear anywhere, making them almost impossible to target with conventional weapons.

Goals: to protect the clones, to hide the True Horatio, to kill trespassers.

Weakness: reboot (20 minutes) if confronted with mirrors.

Skills: firearms, close quarters combat, tech attacks, stealth

Equipment: LAZAR (Laser Alpha Zero Assisted Rifle) Mark III, Combat knife (non-reflective), HyperSense helmet, Kevlar vest.


  • Mirage: creates a holographic image (a Ghost Copy, a mirror image of a PC, cover) that obstructs view.
  • Plug in: connects to another Broken Ghost, they now share senses.
  • Shatter: breaks cover or travels to any room through walls.